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We Are Open, Safe & Enrolling!

Additional safety measures have been taken to ensure our staff, students, and families are safe.

Our Safety Measures During COVID-19

  During this difficult time, we continue to fill your child’s day with love, laughter and education.


ECO STERILIZE is done weekly after hours: Every week, ECO STERILIZE sanitizes every surface in our centre. It utilizes patented electrostatic technology to apply an all natural, non-bleach, EPA registered, hospital grade disinfectant with no lingering odor, no residue, and no rinsing needed after application. This sanitization process eliminates viruses, bacteria and meets Canada and US CDC criteria to disinfect environmental surfaces and objects inside education centers.

We follow these communicable and infectious disease guidelines:

  Students and team members must wash their hands with soap and water numerous times a day.

 They must wash them under the following circumstances and at any other time:

       - Upon entering class

       - Before eating

       - After eating

       - After nose blowing

       - After playing with something messy or sticky

       - After coming in from outside

       - After using the bathroom

  We are keeping rooms at the required ratio according to government standards.

  No one will be permitted inside the building unless they are a parent, a team member or a student of our centre.

  Parents are required to complete daily online health check 

  Following all AHS current protocols

  We are maintaining social distancing to the best of our ability.

  We are cleaning and sanitizing all areas of the school building, including but not limited to:

       - All touch points

       - Shelves

       - Toys

       - Sinks

       - Toilets

       - Floors

       - Other surfaces

Frequently Asked Questions Related to COVID-19

  • Q: How Are You Keeping the Children Safe?

    A: Temperature checks are required for all students and team members. We are not allowing anyone from the outside in and we are following government requirements.

  • Q: What Procedures Are You Doing To Help Keep My Child Safe?

    A: We are washing hands with soap and water several times a day, doing temperature checks, maintaining social distancing as best we can, cleaning and sanitizing all areas of the school. We are limiting classroom capacity.

  • Q: When Will You Open Full Time?

    A: We are open full time and taking new enrollments.

  • Q: Are you Taking Part Time?

    A: We are here to help you transition back into your workflow.  We are offering 2 and 3 days a week as well as full time care.

  • Q: How Many Kids Are In The Room?

    A: We are keeping rooms at government requirements.

  • Q: Am I Allowed To Drop My Child Off In Their Classroom?

    A: Only team members and students are allowed into the rooms. We are trying to limit exposure in the centre.

Covid-19 Reviews



“This has been a tough year for everyone with Covid-19. A&D have done a spectacular
job throughout the pandemic. I would with out a doubt 100% recommend them. If you
are looking for a daycare. Stop looking. You found your place!


-Steve M.



“A&D has been incredible during the Covid pandemic. They have been excellent
communicators and extremely supportive of their staff which is so important to ensuring
continuity of care. They have also created fair, evidence based policies to ensure staff
and kids are taken care of and are as safe as possible. As always they have been very
responsive to any questions or concerns. I really appreciate them taking such good
care of our kids in really difficult times. Thank you so much!


-Chris F.

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