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We Offer a Variety of Options for Childcare in Sherwood Park

Since 1981, A&D Child Care Centre has been part of the Sherwood Park Community, caring for and educating the children of Sherwood Park and surrounding areas.


Enroll your child in our program and experience the enthusiasm at A & D Child Care Centre and Out of School Care. Our programs are tailored to meet the requirements of children aged 12 months to 12 years.


Our team provides a holistic and personalized approach to each child in our program. Our educators get to know each child and develop a deep understanding of each child’s personality, learning styles, and needs. We design a distinctive and individualized program for each child, fostering their growth and cultivating a positive attitude toward learning.


We offer:

Childcare for children aged 12 months to 12 years

The Learning Tree Preschool for children attending Kindergarten the following year

Out-of-school care / Before and after-school care

Summer-day-camp in July and August for Grades 1-6

Coping with Separation Anxiety 

Separation anxiety, a natural aspect of a child's emotional growth, marks their budding independence. A&D Child Care Centre recognizes the importance of this developmental phase and is dedicated to providing a compassionate approach to aid children in coping. By acknowledging and addressing separation anxiety with empathy and understanding, we create a space where children can grow emotionally resilient. 

At A&D Child Care Centre, we go beyond routine caregiving; we become companions in their journey of emotional development. Our commitment is to foster a sense of security, making each child feel heard, understood, and supported throughout their time in our childcare center.

How to Help Your Child Deal with Separation Anxiety

Understanding that each child requires a distinct approach, we carefully design engaging and age-appropriate activities. These activities are thoughtfully crafted to capture the attention and interest of each child, creating an environment that fosters comfort and familiarity.


Our commitment goes beyond individualized activities. Through collaborative and social activities, we encourage meaningful interactions that help develop strong bonds and a sense of belonging within our childcare community.


Nurturing a sense of belonging is fundamental in our approach. We create an atmosphere where your child feels valued and understood, promoting the development of self-confidence. By empowering them to express themselves and explore their surroundings, we guide them toward embracing their independence at a pace that suits their comfort level.


Visit our FAQ page for more information.

Things to Consider When Choosing Childcare Services in Sherwood Park and Surrounding Areas

Through play-based, hands-on learning experiences in a safe, fun, loving environment, we inspire exploration, critical thinking, questioning, and discovery. We achieve well-rounded learning opportunities by providing children with indoor and outdoor educational spaces.


You will notice a welcoming feeling when you step into our childcare centres. Our atmosphere is bright, beautiful, warm, and inviting.

Become part of our Sherwood Park childcare program and give your child an amazing day… every day! Book a tour with us!


Toddler Room


Kinder Room

Enrich Your Child's Journey with Our Childcare in Sherwood Park

Join us at A&D Child Care Centre for nurturing care and tailored learning experiences.

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