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A & D Child Care, The Learning Tree, The Meadows | Our Team

Our commitment is to build children's self-esteem, encourage their natural desire to learn and develop their imagination through an emergent curriculum and the 'Learning Through Play' philosophy. Our educators encourage children's developmental and educational needs by helping them progress at their own pace. There is time for both outside and inside activities. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality child care for children and their families.

Our Highly Qualified Team

Our educators are qualified and experienced in a range of children's growth and development patterns. We invest a great deal of effort attracting and retaining the right members, for our team. They must be special people with not only the best qualifications but also the right qualities. We know how important it is that your child has consistency of care.  We work hard to create an environment that our team enjoys being a part of and which is also in the best interests of the children.

Educators acknowledge that children develop at different rates and each of them has individual interests, backgrounds, strengths, needs and talents. Our role as educators is to support, encourage and challenge young children as they construct understandings about their world, the people, objects and events in it.

We are committed to building children's self-esteem, encouraging their natural desire for learning and developing their imaginations.

Gillian Jobs

Gillian Jobs B.Ed., E.C.D.



After obtaining her Bachelors of Education degree from the University of Alberta, Gillian went on to continue her studies and follow her passion respectfully earning her Diploma in Early Childhood Development.

Gillian has over 27+ years of professional experience as both owner and director of local Early Learning and Child Care Centres.

Along with her second centre, The Meadows Early Learning and Child Care, Gillian has successfully owned and operated A&D Child Care and Out of School Program in Sherwood Park since 1994. She was owner and primary educator for "Little Peanuts Preschool" from 1995-2004 and in 2008 she opened "The Learning Tree Preschool" in Sherwood Park.


Gillian also devotes much time collaborating with colleagues and organizations within the community accessing resources to ensure all of her programs are well-rounded and of the highest quality when it comes to meeting the developmental needs of all children within her programs and centres.



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