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Daycare in South Edmonton for Your Child's Early Development

When it comes to your child's early development, trust is paramount. Look no further than The Meadows Early Learning and Child Care Centre, your premier choice for daycare services in South Edmonton!


With years of experience catering to children aged 12 months to Kindergarten, we are dedicated to providing a nurturing environment for your children. Our passionate team of educators is committed to delivering enriching programming tailored to children's diverse needs and abilities in our care.


At The Meadows Early Learning and Child Care Centre, we prioritize personalized attention for each child. This approach allows our educators to build strong connections with each child, gaining insight into their unique needs and learning styles. Through this personalized approach, we aim to foster a love for learning in every child we serve.

Our programs include:

    Childcare for children ages 12 months to Kindergarten age

Why Choose Our Daycare in South Edmonton?


At The Meadows Early Learning and Child Care Centre, we are committed to offering an enriching and safe daycare environment for your young ones. We understand the balance between learning and growing while having fun! Since 1981, our family has been offering top-notch daycare services.


Choose our daycare in South Edmonton for its unbeatable combination of convenient location, exceptional facilities, and dedicated staff. Nestled in the heart of the community, our centre provides easy access for busy families. With a commitment to providing a nurturing environment and enriching experiences, we are the premier choice for your child's care and development in South Edmonton.


Our in-house chef prepares morning and afternoon snacks and lunch, fresh each day for children in our care. Our lunch and snack program provides the nutrition to be active and learn throughout the day.

Contact us to book a tour of our daycare in South Edmonton; we can help you make an informed decision for your child!

A Space Designed for Children

Our classrooms are thoughtfully crafted to encourage group interactions among children, fostering the refinement of their social, physical, emotional, and cognitive skills. From the nature-based colours of our walls and furniture to the open-ended art and sensory experiences planned with the children. We strive to create an inviting environment for children to spend their day with us.


By merging thoughtful learning settings with purposeful teaching, we enhance your child's experience in our program. Witness the development of your child's abilities and eagerness to learn as they spend their days with us!

For further inquiries about daycare solutions in South Edmonton, please refer to our FAQ section or contact us directly.

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Enriching Childhoods Await!

Explore our South Edmonton daycare services for a nurturing environment. Secure your child's spot now!

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