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A & D Child Care, The Learning Tree, The Meadows | FAQ

You probably have many questions about our child care centre. We do our best to answer them all here. Please feel free to call us today!

Q: Are Our Educators Qualified?

A: To ensure the highest standard of care, we employ experienced, qualified educators who share our philosophy. We work together as a team to create a warm, loving and secure environment where children can learn, feel loved, and can grow!

Q: Is There an Orientation?

A: We understand that for some children, this may be their first experience being away from home. As all children are unique, so too are their settling-in patterns. We are happy to provide an orientation designed to bring comfort to you and your child.

Q: What Happens on My Child’s First Day?

A: On arrival, an educator will take you and your child to their classroom,  where your child’s bag will be placed in their locker. An Educator will sign-in your child using our secure electronic system located in each room.  We will introduce your child to the children and the educators in the room and shown the play areas and activities waiting for them to enjoy.  As the day progresses your child will be guided through our daily programming of activities. Washroom areas and procedures will be shown to your child (when age appropriate) Feel free to call during the day to see how your child is settling in.

Q: What Meals and Snacks Are Included?

A: Each day the centre provides a healthy and nutritious “home-cooked” lunch, as well as two snacks. These are prepared daily by our chef using fresh ingredients. These meals are nutritious, delicious, and include all the vitamins and nutrients needed for an active, fun-filled day.

Our menu is well-balanced and takes into account the recommendations of the Canada Food Guide and the preferences of families and children.

We use mealtime to help children develop a positive attitude towards food and develop good mealtime habits.

Q: What Should I Pack in My Child’s Bag?

A: Before your start date, you will be emailed a list detailing exactly what you need to pack, depending on your child’s age.

Q: What Happens if My Child Becomes Ill While in Your Care?

A: If your child becomes unwell, we will contact you and let you know. If we feel they are not well enough to stay at the centre, we will ask you to come pick up your child. We are committed to providing and maintaining a healthy environment.

Q: Do I Have To Pay for My Child’s Spot When We Are Away?

A: Yes, you are required to pay for your child’s space when they are away. When you register at the centre, that space is reserved for your child. If your child is away, that space will still be reserved for them.

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