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Our childcare centres in Sherwood Park and Edmonton provide an enriching and fun environment for your child.

Your Trusted Daycares in Sherwood Park and Edmonton/Preschool in Sherwood Park

Are you looking for an enriching environment for your child to learn and grow? Welcome to our centres, The Meadows Early Learning and Child Care in Edmonton, A&D Child Care Centre and The Learning Tree Preschool in Sherwood Park. We have been providing exciting programs for children since 1981. Our longstanding presence in the childcare industry demonstrates our commitment to excellence, ensuring that your child receives the highest standard of care and education.


Throughout the years, our team of educators has continuously evolved and adapted our programs to meet the changing needs of families, guaranteeing that we remain at the forefront of early childhood development.


When you choose us, you're not just selecting a daycare – you're choosing a legacy of nurturing, experienced professionals dedicated to helping your child thrive in a safe, supportive and enriching environment.

Please contact us if you'd like to learn more about the programs at our daycare centres in Edmonton and Sherwood Park.

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What Sets Us Apart?

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Experienced Educators

Our daycare boasts a team of educators whose wealth of experience enhances the developmental journey of every child in our care. Drawing upon years of hands-on practice, our educators craft dynamic and stimulating learning environments. Their dedication not only cultivates a passion for learning but also equips children with essential skills, laying a strong foundation for their future endeavours.

Over the years, we've provided countless children with the individualized care and attention they deserve. There are several reasons to choose us for your child, including:

Why we are the right program for your family:

Family-owned and operated: We are a proud Alberta-based, family-owned childcare business passionate about serving families in Sherwood Park and Edmonton.

Child-centred curriculum: Our child-centred curriculum-based learning fosters a positive attitude toward education. Designed to accommodate each child's unique learning style, our programs encourage inquisitiveness, creativity, and intellectual expression.

Comprehensive programs: Explore our diverse programs tailored to each child's developmental stage. We aim to help children challenge their intellectual abilities while fostering a strong sense of belonging.

Convenient main-floor location: Enjoy hassle-free drop-off and pick-up with our main-floor location and ample parking—no waiting for elevators or navigating stairs, providing added safety during emergencies.

On-site chef-prepared meals and snacks: Our Chef prepares delicious and nutritious lunches and snacks on-site. Unlike offsite preparations, our meals are freshly made in-house.

Top priority on safety: We prioritize the safety and security of our children and staff. Our secure entry system allows only authorized parents and educators to enter.

Online parent communication app: Stay connected with your child's day through our online parent communication app, which provides updates, photos, and information.

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Personalized Care for Your Child

We offer care for children from 12 months to 12 years old.

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Encouraging Your Child to Love Learning

At The Learning Tree Preschool, we help your child prepare for Kindergarten.

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Nurturing Your Child's Growth

We offer care for children from 12 months to 12 years old.

Benefits of Daycare for Child Development

Our programs provide a nurturing environment for children to thrive. As a premier daycare facility, we understand the crucial role that quality childcare plays in the overall development of a child. The benefits of daycare extend far beyond merely offering a safe space for children while their parents are at work; they significantly contribute to a child's holistic growth and well-being.


Daycare fosters social and emotional development in children. Regular interaction with peers in a childcare setting helps them learn how to share, communicate, collaborate, and self-regulate. These early experiences are the foundation for building strong interpersonal relationships and self-confidence in the future. A & D Child Care Centre and The Meadows Early Learning recognize the importance of a supportive social environment in shaping a child's character.


Our daycare programs in Sherwood Park and Edmonton also focus on cognitive development. Engaging activities, educational games, and age-appropriate challenges stimulate a child's intellectual curiosity. Our experienced educators are dedicated to creating an enriching learning environment where children can explore, discover, and develop essential cognitive skills to serve them well academically.


Physical development is also a key aspect. Our well-designed facilities and outdoor play areas encourage children to engage in various physical activities. Daily opportunities for gross motor activities promote a healthy lifestyle and enhance motor skills and coordination. We believe in providing a balanced approach to child development, ensuring that both physical and mental aspects are nurtured.


In addition to these developmental benefits, our programs offer a routine that instills a sense of security and predictability for children. Establishing routines helps them develop self-discipline and time-management skills. 

A & D Child Care Centre in Sherwood Park and The Meadows Early Learning in Edmonton go beyond being a daycare; we partner with you and work together in your child's developmental journey, from social and cognitive development to physical and emotional well-being. Enroll your child today!

Parent Reviews

A & D Child Care Centre and Out of School Care


The Learning Tree Preschool

Absolutely Fantastic


“My son has been attending A & D for about two years now and we are very happy with A & D. So much so that we wouldn’t send him anywheres else. He loves both his daycare room and preschool. They offer additional courses like yoga and music class. My son comes home full of

stories and absolutely loves the workers. To say we are happy would be an understatement. Absolutely fantastic care!”


-Melissa R.

The Meadows Early Learning and Child Care

Amazing Place


“The Meadows centre is an amazing place that I feel safe leaving my daughter at when I am at work. The care she receives is exceptional and her needs and more are met daily, from engaging child centered activities to highly trained caring staff members throughout the centre. I would recommend this centre to my family, friends and strangers. Thank you for the wonderful job you all do!”


- Nicole K.

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